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Sukhmani Sahib by Baba Nihal Singh 2 CD

Sukhmani Sahib by Baba Nihal Singh 2 CD

Doppel-CD Set / 2 CD-Set

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The Sukhmani is probably the greatest composition of Guru Arjan. It is said that he wrote it in response to request from a devotee who was suffering form physical pain and mental anguish; it restored him to calm and health.

The word 'Sukhmani' means the psalm of equipoise or jewel of bliss. it is reported that Wazir Khaq, the Governor of Lahore, whose real name was Hakim Alleem-ud-din Ansari, was suffering form a chronic stomach disease. He came to Amritsar for treatment and also visited the Harmandar Sahib. As Baba Buddha pressed his stomach, his condition became normal. When he met Guru Arjan, the latter told him to listen to a recitation of the Sukhmani Sahib daily, to gain inner peace. Wazir Khan then engaged a Sikh to recite this to him every day. By and by, he memorised the text and became a healthy and happy man.

Double CD-Set, recited by Baba Nihal Singh.

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