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Songs of the Khalsa - Sat Hari Singh

Songs of the Khalsa - Sat Hari Singh

Song collection from the treasure of 3HO and Kundalini Yoga. Compiled by Sat Hari Singh.

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Singing is an underestimated art. Often we only sing in certain, important situations, mostly when we are directly and emotionally concerned. We dare to sing when we have drunken alcohol. We sing at a funeral, at Christmas, in the bathtub, when we are relaxed or in a good mood.
We also observe very carefully whether the players in a world-championship sing along with their national anthems – and often this looks rather poor. Singing obviously also has something to do with identification or confession.

In the tradition of Kundalini Yoga we sing a lot, and together. We sing mantras and songs. Actually, singing itself is a form of Yoga. The entire “holy book” of the Sikhs, for example, consists only of songs. The Vedas, the eldest scriptures of mankind, have been passed on in form of singing, music and chants from generation to generation.
Our collective singing creates our common identity, called Naam.
Our singing connects us with our souls, with our selves, our values and ideals, as well as with our highest spiritual being. In Kundalini Yoga, it is precisely described as a complex, physical-metaphysical process, the science of Naad Yoga.

This book contains a large collection of wonderful, inspiring songs from over 30 years history of Kundalini Yoga in the Western Hemisphere and its promoting, worldwide organization, 3HO. You will find here popular and well-known songs, as well as rather unknown songs and previously unpublished material.

Format: ca. A4 (29,7 x 21 cm), 62 pages.
Language of the songs: mostly English, also Gurmukhi and German.

"If people want to create a nation of saintly, divine and virtuous people, they must remember their songs and sing them like instruments of God, and always hold them in their minds as the most precious assets of life."
- YogiBhajan

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