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Songs of Compassion - Sonia Loinsworth CD

Songs of Compassion - Sonia Loinsworth CD

Tibetan Mantras

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Where more popular artists in the mantra-world rely on a rather watered down and sugary presentation of these ancient sounds, Sonia Loinsworth makes them western and yet preserves all the depth and healing power.

The norwegian singer and practising Buddhist has a deep and rich voice, well schooled technically, and sings with both passion and a spirituality that transfers to the listener. She uses multitracked vocals, sounding like a whole monastry! backed by inventive keyboards by Frode Fjellheim.

You can use this CD for both meditation and healing purposes, and it will be as enriching and profound after years as on the first day you heard it.


  • Calling (6:07)
  • OM ah Hung (Mantra III) 8:17
  • Vajra Guru (Mantra IV) 7:32
  • Padma (Mantra V) 7:42
  • Chenrezig (Mantra I) 9:01
  • Siddhi Hung (Mantra II) 11:44

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