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Shoti Maa Winter Set organic, 70,8 g

Shoti Maa Winter Set organic, 70,8 g

5 x 2 teabags Shoti Maa Tea + 10 Ginger drops from Bio4You
Delicious organic herbal teas and 10 ginger drops

This product is not available.

The Shoti Maa Tee Winter Set offers all that is needed in the cold season: warming herbal and spice teas by Shoti Maa and delicious spicy Ginger drops by Bio4You – and all that in a very attractive box. This is the perfect preparation for winter!

Contents & Tea Creations in the Shoti Maa Winter Set:

  • Shoti Maa Tea I Am (2 teabags)
  • Shoti Maa Tea Sanctify (2 teabags)
  • Shoti Maa Tea Delighted (2 teabags)
  • Shoti Maa Tee Harmony (2 teabags)
  • Shoti Maa Tee Unwind (2 teabags)
  • Bio4You Ginger herbal drops (10 pcs.)

Content: 10 teabags (20,8 g) + 10 Ginger herbal drops (50 g)
Total net weight: 70,8 g.

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Additional product information

Delicious organic herbal teas and 10 ginger drops


I Am:
Sage* (20%), ginger* (20%), lemon grass*, liquorice*, elderflower* (5%), peppermint*, lemon juice*, black pepper*, lemon peel*, cardamom*, turmeric root*, cinnamon*, cloves*.

Ginger* (35%), fennel* (25%), cinnamon* (10%), cocoa shells*, anise*, cardamom*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, cloves*.

Ginger* (41%), lemon grass*, lemon juice* (8%), liquorice*, peppermint*, lemon verbena*, black pepper*, lemon peel* (2%), lemon extract (2%), cardamom*, turmeric root*, cinnamon*, cloves*.

Cinnamon* (53%), ginger*, cloves*, black pepper*, cardamom*, fennel*, cinnamon extract, rose petals*, turmeric root*, raspberry leaves

Cinnamon* (20%), ginger*, liquorice*, rooibos*, fennel*, cardamom*, carob*, vanilla* (4%), cocoa shells*, cloves*, black pepper*, nutmeg*.

Ginger drops:

Glucose syrup*, sugar*, citric acid*, natural ginger aroma with other natural flavors, herbal extract* (yarrow*, licorice*, fennel*, mallow*, burnet*, yarrow*, elderflower*, thyme*, star anise* , linden flowers*, cornflower*, blackberry leaf*, primrose*, calendula*, speedwell*, anise*, chamomile*, marshmallow root, sage*, peppermint*), ground ginger*.

*certified organic.

Allergy information:

Contains licorice

Storage & Use:

Store in a dry and cool place


EU- and non-EU-Agriculture


La Alternativa B.V.
Weteringschans 108
NL-1017 XS Amsterdam

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