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Short Sets for Inspiration & Ecstasy - Ana Brett & Ravi Singh DVD

Short Sets for Inspiration & Ecstasy - Ana Brett & Ravi Singh DVD

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Elevate and celebrate! This life-changing yoga workout will transform your body, elevate your mind and emotions, and give you the inner buoyancy and momentum to make beautiful breakthroughs. Ana and Ravi’s signature style of Kundalini Yoga is the best of both ancient and new: the beauty, depth, and power of yoga, plus the streamlined results of cutting edge fitness.

Their Kundalini Yoga DVD Short Sets Inspiration and Ecstasy features segments for happiness, prosperity, transforming past patterns into new blessings and of course Kundalini Yoga’s dynamic blend of movement, poses, breathing, and bliss.

This DVD features:

  • Warm-up set
  • Four short, powerful Kundalini Yoga sequences
  • High fun factor
  • Meditation
  • A chant for guidance, and more!
  • Also: great music to shake your Chakras & Rock your Soul!
  • Bonuses: Breath Primer, and Matrix Menu to program your personal workout

Ana Brett & Ravi Singh have popularized Kundalini Yoga, the perfect system for achieving optimum health and energy. They are authors of over 25 DVDs. These “A List” Teachers are known for their cutting edge presentations, their ability to keep motivation high while keeping their DVD’s accessible to all fitness levels. Ana & Ravi’s Kundalini Yoga Workouts will help you to keep inspired, energized and lightful with an awakened spirit, in any situation.

  • Produced by Ana Brett & Ravi Singh. Sound Design & Video Editing: Marc Minot
  • Original Music: Sada Sat Kaur Khalsa, Ana Brett & Ravi Singh, Marc Minot, Wah!, Sal Nunz,
    Prem Siri Kaur, Stephen (Karta Purkh) Valdean
  • Demonstration: Ana Brett
  • Narration: Ana Brett & Ravi Singh
  • Total running time: 84 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Info program/teaching program - no age restriction

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