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Shelter - Rasa CD

Shelter - Rasa CD

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A rich sounding and fully orchestrated collection of vaishnava songs that is 'classic RASA'. Kim's soft and full timbred voice is framed and gently carried by Hans' swirling and pulsating strings and rhythm arrangements. Danceable yet meditative, Shelter's sound is purely transcendental music from India and beyond.

These transcendental prayers to Krishna sound serene and sensual at the same time. This is the fourth album from Rasa, the duo of singer Kim Waters and multi-instrumentalist Hans Christian. Kim sings the Indian chants and prayers in a voice that is soothing and serene, softly and gently giving a lightful touch to the melodies.
Using sophisticated programming, cello, electric bass, Indian sarangi, and Swedish nyckelharpa, Christian embeds her voice in translucent layers of music.
He also brings the rhythms slightly to the fore, reinforcing the tablas of Girish Gambhira with subtle electronica grooves. But the music stays natural throughout, and flows gently. Waters's voice is so serene and the grooves so relentlessly languid that Shelter becomes like a long meditation.

About the Artists:
The music of RASA is based on Indian devotional love songs from the Vaishnava tradition, sung in Bengali and arranged with both Western and Indian elements. RASA honors the spiritual values of the Vedic culture while expanding the traditional threshold of devotional music. Their CDs Union, and Rasa in Concert have been voted "Best New Age CDs of the year 2000 and 2001".

Hans Christian's musical journey began many years ago in Germany by studying the cello. "I started to play when I was nine years old and had a private teacher for 10 years. Although my teacher imposed a strict and disciplined approach to learning the instrument I remember him fondly; he was preparing me to go to the music conservatory to become a professional cellist. Deep in my heart, though, I knew all along that this was not going to happen." His life was to unfold along different lines.

Kim Waters is a distinguished illustrator and singer whose publications include Illuminations from the Bhagavad Gita, Enchanted Tales, The Butter Thief, The Vrindavan Fold-out Temple, and Devi, a fold-out altar. She has been singing devotional songs of the Vaisnava saints for many years, inspired by the mystical teachings and rich cultural heritage of India. To describe the path that led Kim Waters into the public eye as the singer of RASA one has to sift through many stories and historical anecdotes.


  • Gauranga Karuna 8:56
  • Ar Koto Kal 8:07
  • Narada Muni 5:57
  • Jaya Radha 8:28
  • Panduranga 8:29
  • Arunodaya 5:40
  • Dainyatminka 6:43
  • Vaishnava Vjnapti 9:16

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