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Shakti Naam Yoga - Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)

Shakti Naam Yoga - Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)

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This is a first-time release and unprecedented collection of advanced and modified Shakti Naam Yoga exercises and meditations for people of all ages and experience levels. The rich, universal and royal lineage of Shakti Naam Yoga unites the ancient and secret part of a higher yogic science, also known as Sukshma Vyayama, hardly known in the West until now, with Naam, the sacred sound vibration. This timeless yoga practice renews the body with life and beauty, slowing down the aging process and removing signs of old age. It is humanity's collective gift for this age, a priceless offering for the benefit of all humankind.

Shakti Naam Yoga is an extensive in-depth guide to developing a personal Yoga Practice for beginners as well as for Pro's, and at the same time an invaluable teacher's manual that will be a source of yoga-sets, meditations and inspiration to teachers and non-teachers alike, offering a vast array of yogic techniques to choose from in creating your own therapeutic yoga classes. An in-depth and engaging look at the science of Sukshma Vyayama and Naam, this Shakti Naam Yoga book delves deeply into the profound and extensive lineage of Shakti Naam.

Reader’s reviews:
”After over 20 years of teaching yoga, dance, martial arts and creating The intenSati Method, I was introduced to Dr. Levry’s teachings and immediately knew this was the practice I needed for myself and my students. Shakti Naam is invaluable because it is physically, mentally and spiritually transformational and anyone can do it. I am honored to teach Shakti Naam and to be a student of Dr. Levry.”
(Patricia Moreno, Founder of The intenSati Method)

"My experience as physical therapist and neuroscientist has taught me that the structure and function of the human body is altered by the input it receives. Just as muscles become strong and resilient when we move, the nervous system creates new synapses and pathways, enhancing neural activity when challenged by new, positive experiences and Shakti Naam provides just that. It is the complete package for health and wellness."
- Deborah L. Lowe, PT, Ph.D. Director and Chair, Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Mount St. Mary’s College

"The positive therapeutic power of Shakti Naam has a lasting healing effect on the nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. It is helping people with conditions ranging from thyroid imbalance, depression, stress, anxiety, Alzheimers, diabetes and more. I also find it to be the quintessential practice for prevention and lasting wellbeing."
- Dr. Taryn Meza, Private Medical Practitioner, Anesthesiologist

Soft cover, format ca. 19,0 x 22,8 cm.
366 pages, Many photos .
Language: English.

Download Shakti Naam Yoga Table of contents as PDF

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