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Secret Box Shoti Maa Tea mixed pack organic, 12 teabags

Secret Box Shoti Maa Tea mixed pack organic, 12 teabags

5 times of the day - 3 peace themes
Assortment of 8 organic herbal and spice teas

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Tasting & Gift Pack with 8 delicious varieties of Shoti Maa Tea

The Shoti Maa Secret Box is, next to the Magic Box, the second Shoti Maa Tea assortment pack. It contains the popular Shoti Maa Sun Dial Teas and the Peace on Earth Teas - all you need for a balanced and peaceful day!

The Shoti Maa Secret Box opens like a little treasure chest. The tea bags are in 2 sections, one pile each with the Sun Dial Teas for the 5 times of the day, and one for the Peace on Earth Teas. Of the three varieties 'Peace on Earth' and 'Awakened', 2 teabags each are included. There is an inspiring addition to this to collect or give away. Corresponds to the size of the Shoti Maa single pack in the shelf image.

The Shoti Maa Secret Box contains:

Contents: 12 teabags, without metal clip or glue, individually sealed.
100% organic Ayurvedic herbal and spice teas.
Net weight: 23.6 g

Shoti Maa Balance Your Day Teas

Shoti Maa Balance Your Day Teas

The delicious Balance Your Day teas pamper your body, mind and soul. For a day full of harmony. Because every moment is unique – just like you!

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Additional product information

Assortment of 8 organic herbal and spice teas


White hibiscus*, ginger* (25%), peppermint*, liquorice root*, apple* (6%), cinnamon*, lemon extract (3%), galangal*, Curcuma (turmeric root)*, black pepper*, cardamom*, cloves*.
Fennel* (40%), licorice* (25%), roasted chicory*, cinnamon*, corn silk*, black pepper*, ginger*, nettle*, cardamom*, cloves*.
Move On:
Chamomile* (20%), apple*, white hibiscus*, cinnamon*, liquorice*, lemon myrtle*, lime* (5%), rose hips* (5%), ginger*, nutmeg*, lemon peel*, orange peel*, black pepper*, cardamom*, cloves*.
Tea Time:
Cocoa shells* (45%), cinnamon*, liquorice*, carob*, ginger*, roasted chicory*, cardamom*, black pepper*, corn silk*, cloves*.
Ginger*, cinnamon* (15%), liquorice root*, fennel*, rooibos*, cardamom*, carob*, roasted chicory root*, cacao husk*, clove*, black pepper*, natural flavor, vanilla* (1 %), Nutmeg*.
Allow Joy:
Roasted chicory* (45%), cocoa shells*, liquorice root*, cinnamon*, black pepper*, ginger*, cardamom*, turmeric root*, cloves*.
Allow Love:
Hibiscus* (35%), apple*, liquorice root*, lemon grass*, rose hips*, rose petals* (5%), fennel*, cinnamon*, turmeric root*, anise*, cocoa shells*, ginger*, cardamom*, cloves*, black pepper*.
Allow Compassion:
Green tea* (45%), nettle*, ginger*, spearmint*, lemon grass*, fennel*, cinnamon*, Matcha green tea * (2%), basil*, lemon myrtle*, turmeric root*, cardamom*, cloves*, black pepper*.

* certified organic.

Allergy information:

Contains licorice

Storage & Use:

Store in a dry and cool place




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