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Santo Dhur Frame Golden Temple Silver, round, small

Santo Dhur Frame Golden Temple Silver, round, small

Rund, Ø 5,8 cm

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The Santo Dhur frames are beautiful, ornate picture frames with a special charisma. In each frame, besides the spiritual motif, there is the "Dust of the Saint's Feet", which gives the Santo Dhur frames a special vibration:

  • Dust from the Golden Temple in Amritsar / India
  • Dust from the Sikh Temple (Gurdwara) in Española, New Mexico / USA
  • Earth from the "Sacred Healing Walk" at Ram Das Puri, Española, New Mexico / USA
  • (A ritual, sacred Indian place to heal the earth)
  • Petals of garlands, which served for the adornment of holy altars and wisdom (Guru)

Features of this Santo Dhur frame:

  • Style: Silver ornament, with small reflective stones
  • Shape: round, with two silver feet
  • Motif: Golden Temple (Amritsar/India)
  • Use: as a stand
  • Size: diameter Ø 5.8 cm

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