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Salt crystal lamp, wooden base, approx. 28 kg

Salt crystal lamp, wooden base, approx. 28 kg

 5-10 days
Weight: 29,50 kg  29,50 kg
EAN: 4260055154844
Item No: 20327
56,95  incl. 19% VAT
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The comforting and gentle light of the salt crystal lamp is a wonderful lighting for all living rooms, yoga rooms, studios and children rooms. The salt crystal lamp is handmade from shimmering rose-orange natural salt crystal from the Salt Range (Punjab province/Pakistan) in the Himalaya region. A salt crystal lamp is beautiful, relaxing and uplifting! Its natural, warm light creates a feeling of pure well-being, while the warmth of the light bulp slowly dilutes the negative ions of the salt crystal into the air, upvaluing the atmosphere of the room.

Each salt crystal lamp is worked by hand and is a unique piece made from pure natural material. Therefore the shape and color, as well as the weight of each single salt crystal lamp can vary.

  • Salt crystal lamp, weight class: approx. 28 kg.
  • Height: 35 – 45 cm. With round wooden base plate.
  • Delivery including separate electric part and 25 watts light bulb. 

Legal marking of light bulb:

Larger salt crystal lamps (weight over 30 kg) are available upon request!

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