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Raa Maa - Shiuli Subaya CD

Raa Maa - Shiuli Subaya CD

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Native Indian, London-based singer Shiuli Subaya had us wait a long time for this CD – now it is finally there! With her debut album Raa Maa, the trained singer shows us her profound musical skills and her excellent creative diversity.

We know Shiuli for many years and were enchanted already by her very first demo-tracks. It is her longtime experience with Kundalini Yoga, her knowledge and insight of the ancient mantras, her excellent musical training and last not least the fact that as native born Indian she represents that certain authenticity, which have shaped and matured the music for this CD. She took the time that was needed – and the result is accordingly profound and masterly felicitous!

Garnished with the exciting musical ideas of producer Moshik Kop, known from the band Aurora, Raa Maa offers an invigorating and meditative mix with mantras from different origins. Kundalini Yoga mantras are the main focus, but being enriched with Sanskrit mantras and colorful musical passages, Raa Maa guides you into a yet a deeper transformational musical experience which lies beyond time and space.

This CD is another special tip from us, because it broadens the spectrum of spiritual mantra music by leading you into another musical dimension.


  • Raa Maa (7:57)
  • Wahe Guru (8:24)
  • Shiva Gayatri Mantra (5:52)
  • Hummi Hum Brahm Hum (7:57)
  • Durga Gayatri Mantra (4:55)
  • Ma Durga Bhajan (6:33)
  • Aum Shanti Shanti Shantih (5:33)

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