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Prowhite Super HT (Hobbythek), 1 kg

Prowhite Super HT (Hobbythek), 1 kg

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In the attempt to avoid high washing temperatures, a certain amount of bleaching agent should be part of every main wash, even for colored laundry - simply for hygienic reasons, because it also acts as a disinfectant.

This is where the bestselling natural bleaching agent Prowhite Super comes in. It contains the so-called layered silicate SKS 6 to more than 20%. This silicate is also a natural aid in softening the water.

This makes the second component of Prowhite, the so-called percarbonate, work particularly efficiently. Percarbonate is generally the most environmentally friendly bleach at all. Diluted in water, it sets free the bleaching oxygen, which even removes fruit stains and other stains which are similarly difficult to remove.

Once the oxygen has reacted completely, only non-toxic sodium remains, which causes no problems to nature. Plants are therefore not damaged.

Prowhite Super-HT also contains about 8% of the unproblematic bleach activator TAED (tetraacetylethylenediamine). It increases the bleaching effect and allows and intensive bleaching even at low temperatures.

So, there are alternatives, such as the Hobbythek showed with Prowhite. With Prowhite Super HT, you contribute significantly to environmental protection!

Bag, Contents 1 kg.

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