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Presence - Bamboo - Numi Tea organic, 16 teabags

Presence - Bamboo - Numi Tea organic, 16 teabags

Organic herbal infusion with Bamboo Leaves, Lemongrass & Spearmint

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Presence - Bamboo - Numi Tea from the Numi‘s organic tea series Holistic Teasans inspires a unity of mind, body and spirit. This delicious tea tonic focuses on elevating mood and emotion as a key component of wellness, featuring unique blends of emerging functional herbs from around the world.

Presence - Bamboo - Numi Tea helps you still your mind and bring forth awareness with mellow bamboo leaves and cooling spearmint, earthy blueberry leaf and a hint of lemon centers.

Key Ingredients:

  • Bamboo Leaves: a classic in Chinese Medicine, cooling and clearing, promotes flow of qi (breath/air/prana)
  • Lemongrass: cleansing, comforting the belly
  • Spearmint: soothing, mellows the mind and promotes calm, ease, and focus
  • Ginger: stimulating, warming, encouraging
  • Hawthorne Berries: an antioxidant known to support well-being
  • Elderflower: Immune support
  • Schizandra Berries: an adaptogen known to balance fatigue and stress
  • Blueberry Leaf: rich in antioxidants, many minerals
  • Lavender: soothing, comforting, relaxing

Contents: 16 teabags, each 2.5 gms (40 gms)

Numi Tea - Celebrating Pure Tea

Numi Tea - Celebrating Pure Tea

Numi Tea - wellness through the art of good tea: premium organic teas and herbs blended with fruits, flowers, herbs and spices - without flavors or fragrances.

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Additional product information

Organic herbal infusion with Bamboo Leaves, Lemongrass & Spearmint


Bamboo Leaves* (30%), Lemongrass* ** (15%), Spearmint* ** (11%), Ginger* **, Hawthorn Berries*, Elderflower*, Schizandra Berries*, Blueberry Leaf*, Lavender*.
*   Certified organic
** Fairtrade


EU-/non-EU agriculture


Numi Europe B.V.
Stadhouderskade 99-1
NL-1073 AM Amsterdam

Additional information:

Organic, Fair Trade, Non GMO

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