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Partaal Rhythms of Life - Prof. Surinder Singh CD + DVD-Set

Partaal Rhythms of Life - Prof. Surinder Singh CD + DVD-Set

Prof. Surinder Singh & Raj Academy

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Partaal is a deep musical mechanism that was created by the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das Sahib. This framework is unique to Gurmat Sangeet and does not exist in Indian Classical Music. The purpose of Partaal was to allow average people to compose their standard of life by incorporating the rhythms of life with music.
Partaal shows the different faces to our daily routines from balanced and calm to manic and fast paced, this variation simplifies the ability to connect with and understand the wisdom of Shabad Guru.

A composition in Partaal incorporates various rhythmic patterns in one composition, therefore the rahao (chorus) would have a different taal (rhythmic pattern) to each of the padas (verses) which all have different taals. This is a very difficult concept to justify and execute as it requires a deep musical knowledge but most importantly the knowledge that chosen taals complement the poetry (bani) aid elevate the delivery of the message.
Music is a means to understand bani more clearly therefore should be used to simplify the message, music should not become a barrier and confuse the listener.
This CD, together with our previously released CD Anhad – Beyond Sound (also available here), are the only recordings in the history of Gurmat Sangeet to date that feature all six Sikh instruments invented, promoted, and used by the Sikh Gurus for Gurmat Sangeet.
These instruments are:

  • Rabab - altered and promoted by Guru Nanak.
  • Saranda - created and played by Guru Arjan.
  • Jori - created by Guru Arjan.
  • Sarangi – promoted by Guru Hargobind.
  • Taus - created and played by Guru Gobind Singh
  • Dilruba - created by Guru Gobind Singh.

It is our honour and blessing to contribute to the education of the community and the coming generations the sacred science of Gurmat Sangeet, and the legacy of the great Sikh-Gurus.

This Set contains: Music-CD, Video-DVD, and a full booklet.

Tracks (CD):

  • Rág Dhanasri – Shaan & Mangalacharan
  • Rág Dhanasri – Har charan saran gobind dhukh bhanjanaa
  • Rág Sárang – jap man jagannath jagadeesro
  • Rág Nut – Kouoo hai mero saajan meet
  • Rág Suhee – Preet preet gureeaa mohan laalana
  • Rág Kanra – Man jaapoh raam gopaal
  • Rág Ramkali – Nar narhh namaskaaran

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