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Orange Power detergent concentrate, 500 ml

Orange Power detergent concentrate, 500 ml

Environmentally friendly detergent product for household purposes

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Orange Power detergent concentrate in an environmentally friendly universal cleaner for domestic use, made from cold pressed orange oil, orange oil distillate, isopropyl alcohol and a surfactant derived from castor oil. Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, odor-controlling, mildly disinfectant.

Environmentally friendly toilet and bathroom cleaner:

For this purpose, the Orange Power detergent concentrate is used as a 1:100 mixture of demineralized water (for example, mix 10 ml of Orange Power Cleaner with 1 L of demineralized water and put the emulsion in a pump spray bottle). In this way, Orange Power detergent is very efficient. For cleaning the bathroom and toilet, spray the Orange Power on the surfaces to be treated and rub with a damp cloth. For cleaning and odor binding you can also put undiluted Orange Power in the toilet bowl and leave to act.

Stain treatment:

Orange Power detergent gently removes many types of stains (also persistent ones), e.g. Grease, oil, tar stains, paint residues, waxes, resins, shoe polish, chewing gum, crusts... Again, Orange Power is usually used diluted - depending on the type of stain and the surface to be treated in a ratio of 1:10 to 1:500. For painted and sensitive surfaces, the dilution ratio should be at least 1:50. The dilution is applied to the stain and washed with water, or the Orange Power detergent can be immediately added to the cleaning water. For dilutions up to 1:200, the use of rubber gloves is recommended, as concentrated Orange Power can degrease the skin. Stains such as tar, wax, resins and shoe polish may require the use of Concentrated Orange Power.

Cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture:

As with the stain treatment of all textiles, a test for colour fastness is recommended. Orange Power detergent is used diluted (1:100) and sprayed on the surfaces until slightly moistened. Then the parts are thoroughly rubbed off with a rough cloth or terry towes (which should be washed in the washing machine afterwards). If necessary, treat persistent stains again. For larger areas, ensure good ventilation of the working area, or work outdoors.

Bottle with 500 ml.

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