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Nutmeg whole, organic, 1 kg bulk

Nutmeg whole, organic, 1 kg bulk

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Until the late Medieval, the highly requested nutmeg came through arabian traders into Europe. With the discovery of the sea passage to India, nutmeg - which is actually a seed - became one of the most important trading goods of the Portugese and later of the Dutch.

Nutmeg was treasured as a panacea and strenghtening tonic. Many drings - including beer - were spiced with nutmeg. Today nutmeg is used as a regular kitchen herbs, for example for grain- or potato-dishes.

Nutmeg whole*
from certified organic cultivation.
Contents: 1 kg bulk pack.

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Nutmeg whole*
from certified organic cultivation.

Storage & Use:

Store in a cool, dry place.


Non-EU agriculture


Seyfrieds Naturwaren, Am Berg 7, D-49143 Bissendorf

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