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Nitnem - Ragi Sat Nam Singh Sethi CD

Nitnem - Ragi Sat Nam Singh Sethi CD

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This album contains newer recordings of the Banis by the popular Indian Ragi Sat Nam Singh – easy to listen and understand, rhythmic, melodic and moderate.

The Banis are Sikh-prayers with the effect of Mantras, of which some of the most known ones are the Jap Ji Sahib by Guru Nanak (morning prayer), or the Jaap Sahib by Guru Gobind Singh (also to be read in the morning).

The often recommended Jaap Sahib by Ragi Sat Nam Singh in Kundalini Yoga-sets is a newer recording on this album and is perfectly suitable for rhythmic yoga exercises or the active part of the day, as it has a steady rhythm and just the right speed.


  • Jap Ji Sahib (20:43)
  • Jaap Sahib (31:53)
  • Savaiye (5:08)
  • Choupaee Sahib (7:52)
  • Paath Anand Sahib (18:07)

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