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Naam Radiance - Megan Chaskey CD

Naam Radiance - Megan Chaskey CD

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Megan’s recognition of the power of live percussion as the underlying foundation for the vibratory effects of sacred music led her to ask music therapist and innovative percussionist Mike Guglielmo to help co-create her album Naam Radiance. Together with Grammy Award-winning David Darling on cello and other supporting musicians on Irish harp and percussion, she created a unique Mantra chant album which is perfect for both, listening and active yoga- and meditation practice.

Megan Chaskey has been playing music since age 11, and at 14, she began playing Baroque recorder in an ensemble. At 16, she discovered the instrument closest to her heart: the flute. Alongside her deepening musical experience through her flute playing, Megan began her spiritual practice in earnest in the 1980s, when she was introduced to Tibetan Buddhist chanting meditations while living in England. Megan’s practice of singing in the form of meditation in Naam opened her to her true voice. She began singing at the end of her yoga classes, while people rested in deep relaxation, and their profound response planted the seed for her next form of creative expression: recording albums.

”I am always searching for music that touches me on a spiritual level. The Naam Radiance CD brings serenity, calm and balance in my body.”
— Valerie Boquet, accountant and Qi Gong practitioner

”… your chants … are so peaceful and healing. I love them!”
— Molly, dancer and massage therapist.


  • Invocation (02:02)
  • Aardas Bahee (12:34)
    (brings hope, blessings, guidance and light)
  • Aapa Sahaee Hoa (12:09)
    (dispels negativity, opens your connection with Divinity)
  • Haray Guray (05:36)
    (creativity, higher potential, abundance, Divine help)
  • Ajai Alai (10:51)
    (dispels depression, anger & sadness)
  • Har(a) (04:54)
    (transforms challenges into opportunities, especially abundance)
  • Wahe Guru (06:13)
    (path from darkness to light)
  • Haray Guru Jazz Ballad (05:38)
  • Sat Nam (03:44)

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