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Mystic Light - Gurunam Singh CD

Mystic Light - Gurunam Singh CD

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The sound vibrationbs on this album totally revitalize the energy flow within the body and build a tremendous electro-magnetic field, thereby allowing the divine fire to forge you into a new state of life. They make the aura strong, bright and beautiful. They not only affect the two brain hemispheres and bring you into balance, but they also draw down the protective light and grace of heaven. They give you light, healing, and strentgh.

The mantra "RaMa Ram Ram" purifies the blood and increases creativity while charging and strenthening the electromagnetic field. It harmonizes your psycho-electromagnetic field with the universal magentic field, brightens your light and gives you the elevation of spirit needed to gracefully face the challanges of time and space. It makes you radiant, warm, and magnetic like the sun.

"Hallelu-Ya/Christie Lumine" praises the heavens and invokes the christic or Sun light for grace and healing.
The sound current of the third track purifies the aura, opens the heart, and links one to heaven.

The fourth track removes destructive energies from life, builds the auric shield, and enhances inner radiance.
The spiritual name of the Christic force vibrated in the fifth track creates inner stability and helps bring healing and harmony into your life. Tracks:

  • RaMa Ram Ram (11:00)
  • Hallelu-Ya / Christie Lumine (11:40)
  • Lumen de Lumine, Chanting Version (11:40)
  • Har Haray Haree (30:25)
  • Sophia / Dedicated to the Solar Force (11:40).

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