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Mala - Dave Stringer CD

Mala - Dave Stringer CD

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Call-and-answer kirtan accented by lap steel, sitar, horns and gypsy violin. 'Mala' (in Sanskrit, a string of beads, used like a rosary, to facillitate concentration on a mantra) has the same intentions as its predecessor, 'Japa', but the melodies and modes it explores reflect a deeper Eastern influence.


  • Govinda Jaya Jaya 7:38
  • Bhagavati 7:12
  • Shivaya Namah Om 10:39
  • Gaja Nana 5:27
  • Saraswati Intro Mantra 0:56
  • Saraswati Ma 7:03
  • Devakinanda (minor) 8:28
  • Universal Prayer 2:17

About Dave Stringer:
Dave Stringers sound marries the transcendent mysticism of traditional Indian instruments with the exuberant, groove-oriented sensibility of American gospel, and he is regarded as one of the most gifted singers in the genre. Stringer, who is also an accomplished composer and multi-instrumentalist, has a special ability to bring people together and inspire them to sing. His work intends to create a modern and participatory theatrical experience out of the ancient traditions of kirtan and yoga, open to a multiplicity of interpretations, and accessible to all.

Based in Los Angeles, Dave Stringer has produced varied recordings with other celebrated World musicians including Azam Ali, Vas, Axiom of Choice, Rasa, Suzanne Teng, Shaman’s Dream and the Open Door Orchestra. Chant artists Donna Delory, Suzanne Sterling, and Girish went on to launch their own careers in the genre after spending time in Stringer’s performing and recording ensembles. His voice also appears on numerous soundtracks, including the blockbuster film Matrix Revolutions and the video game Myst. Some of the other CDs he has produced under his own name, Japa and Divas & Devas, are heard in yoga studios throughout the world.

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