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Lovechock Rocks

Lovechock Rocks

Lovechock ROCKS are handmade of precious fruits or nuts, covered with raw organic premium-chocolate, superfoods and a pinch of Reishi.

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Opens your heart and brings Happiness: Lovechock Rocks Mulberry- Hemp Seed - tasty organic Dark Chocolate with mulberries and hemp seed.


Lovechock ROCKS are precious fruits or nuts, covered with raw premium- chocolate, superfoods and a pinch of Reishi. The tasty alchemy of raw chocolate and Reishi opens your heart and invokes pure happiness!

Lovechock ROCKS are handmade with loving care from the best raw cocoa beans from Ecuador in organic quality. The cocoa beans are being only cold ground. Thus, Lovechock is a natural source of flavonoids and "Love chemicals" that create "Happiness Inside".

All Lovechock ROCKS are 100% organic, vegan and environmentally friendly. They contain no milk nor soy, are gluten free, contain no refined sugar, and are sweetened only with coconut blossom nectar.

Also the packaging of the Lovechock-Rocks is 100 % environmentally friendly: The box is made of wood from sustainably managed forests, the inside is printed with bio-degradable ink. The cellulose packaging consists of a wood pulp from certified, sustainable forests and can be disposed in the compost bin!

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