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Kirpan Kirinite™, Sapphire

Kirpan Kirinite™, Sapphire

7.6 cm blade (no engraved fittings)

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Item No: 26011
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Kirinite™ Sapphire Kirpan & laser engraved fitting details:

  • Kirinite™ composite, extremely stable, beautiful style "Sapphire"
  • Compact size:
    Blade length approx. 7,6 cm
    Overall length (including handle) approx.: 5.9 inches / 15.1 cm
  • Blade made of high-quality AUS-8 Japanese stainless steel
  • The blade carries a small, engraved Adi Shakti symbol
  • The shaft is decorated with the Adi Shakti symbol in a radiating logo-style
  • Each Kirpan carries an individual serial number
  • Comes with a perfectly fitted Kirpan strap:
    - Color of the strap: white
    - Adjustable length
  • Comes in a gold embroidered zipper pouch
  • Comes with a booklet.

Note: The blade of this Kirpan is high-quality steel and very sharp!

We are sorry that for this item the yoga teacher discount is not applicable.

Sikh Karas & Kirpans

Sikh Karas & Kirpans

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