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Hingwastak Churna, 100 g (Nimi Ayurveda)

Hingwastak Churna, 100 g (Nimi Ayurveda)

Ayurvedic spice powder preparation

 early 08/2021
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Hingvashtaka Churna – a classic of Ayurveda

After a rich meal, in India people traditionally like to serve Hingvashtaka (Hingwastak), often simply called "Hing". This popular Hingvashtaka consists of Hing and a total of eight ("Ashta") valuable spices such as ginger, ajwain, black cumin, pepper and rock salt. Hingwastak is said to burn Ama – toxins and waste products that, according to Ayurvedic tradition, can arise from too little digestive fire (Agni) and rich, hard-to-digest foods. They are considered a major cause of imbalances in Ayurveda.

In North India, Hing is already an ingredient in many curries and vegetable dishes. It is conveniently usually cooked with it. Traditionally, Hingwastak is mixed 1:1 with Ayurvedic ghee and taken before a meal.

The main ingredient, Hing, is better known by its Latin name: Asafoetida, which means "malodorous resin". It is also known by other names such as "devil's dung" which doesn't seem particularly enticing. However, if you know how to use Hing or Hingwastak properly, you will quickly notice that not only does the intense, sulphurous smell disappear during cooking, but the dish also takes on a pleasant flavour with a slight leek note.

If Hingwastak is cooked directly with the food, the same applies as when Asafoetida is cooked with it: use very sparingly – then it lends a good, very special aroma to many a meal.

Traditionally, it is recommended to mix Hingwastak with ghee and take it before the meal. The pure ghee seems to be hardly absorbed by the body.

If you want to enrich ghee with honey or sugar, it is an excellent source of energy – but because of the sugar content, it is advisable to consume it sparingly.

  • Highly pure, laboratory-tested quality!
  • With quality seal "BDiH controlled heavy metal testing".
  • Contents: 100 g (glass jar)

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Additional product information

Ayurvedic spice powder preparation


Asafetida, ginger, cumin, long pepper (Pippali), black pepper, celery, rock salt

Preparation / Usage:

Stir approx. 2 g powder (one lightly heaped teaspoon) into warm water and drink. Maximum daily amount as a food supplement: 6 g

Storage & Use:

Store in a cool and dry place




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