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Heart as wide as the World - Krishna Das CD

Heart as wide as the World - Krishna Das CD

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As one of the best selling chant artist of all time, Krishna Das has sold more than 300,000 records, and continues to engage enthusiastic audiences around the world. He has been recording his popular and much-beloved CDs of devotional Indian chants since 1996. Krishna Das’ groundbreaking mantra- and chant-music is energized with modern grooves and harmonies to create a soulful practice that is eminently accessible to modern hearts, while staying true to the path of Bhakti Yoga - the Yoga of devotion.

Heart as Wide as the World includes a great selection of chants and is Krishna Das' first album recorded entirely in the studio in more than 10 years. A collaboration with acclaimed producer David Nichtern, it also includes musician Jerry Marotta on drums & percussion and an array of unique instruments including the dotar, tablas, esraj and bansuri flute – making it a wonderfully vivid, and joyfully dancing mantra- and chant album, perfect for our times!


  • My Foolish Heart/Bhaja Govinda (9:41)
  • Narayana/For Your Love (10:00)
  • Hallelujah Shri Ram (14:22)
  • Heart as Wide as the World/Shri Ram Jai Ram (8:21)
  • Shiva Puja & Chant (12:24)
  • Sitaram (11:07)
  • By Yor Grace/Jai Gurudev (7:17)

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