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Gurunam - Joseph Michael Levry

Joseph Michael Levry, also known under his spiritual name Gurunam, developed from the Universal Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga the science of Naam Yoga as well as the healing method Harmonyum.

Joseph Michael Levry is renowned as a spiritual teacher, musician and author. He wrote several spiritual books and released various CD's with Kundalini Yoga mantras. In New York, Joseph Michael Levry runs the Universal Force Healing Center which supports people in their self-healing processes.

Next to this Gurunam, there is another musician called Gurunam Singh Khalsa, who also composes Kundalini Yoga mantras. They often get mixed up.

Gurunam's music carries a universal and clear message: Mantras, chanted in powerful Naad without any frills, are being underlayed with music of different styles which does not distract the mind, but allows you to focus on the mantra and its meditative power. It is this simple and very effective recipe which created successful hits such as "Ra Ma Da Sa" or Triple Mantra and ingenious, more modern productions such as Naam Groove.

Gurunam's Music and the vast variety of mantras that he put to music are perfectly suitable for joining in and singing along as well as for all kinds of yoga activities and yoga classes.

Naam Yoga - Dance of light

CDs from Gurunam (J.M.Levry)

Blissful Spirit - Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry CD

Blissful Spirit - Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry CDThese sound vibrations eliminate mental impurities and cause the spirit to blossom

Triple Mantra - Gurunam Singh CD

Triple Mantra - Gurunam Singh CDThe Triple Mantra creates protective sound currents, powerfully chanted, ideal for chanting and meditation.

Soul Trance - Gurunam Singh CD

Soul Trance - Gurunam Singh CDAwaken the soul and manifest your highest destiny. One of the highlights on the album Soul Trance by Gurunam is the 31-minute version of the mantra "Har".

Healing Fire - Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry CD

Healing Fire - Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry CDHealing Fire von Gurunam contains fascinating sound vibrations to give you youth, beauty and spiritual illumination.

Den Schleier lüften - Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)

Den Schleier lüften - Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)Gurunam offers Kabbalah as a practical and simple science that can be applied to every day life. For the first time in the history of humankind, Gurunam has integrated the two sciences of Kundalini Yoga and Kabbalah. German Edition.

Alchemy of Love Relationships - Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)

Alchemy of Love Relationships - Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)Love, partnership and marriage seen under spiritual aspects to every man or woman desiring to build, nurture and maintain a healthy love relationship.

Naam Lounge - Gurunam CD

Naam Lounge - Gurunam CDEvery time you find yourself in need of Light, listen to this uplifting and deeply healing Naam instrumental CD.

Mystic Light - Gurunam Singh CD

Mystic Light - Gurunam Singh CDRevitalize the energy flow within the body and build a tremendous protective shield with these sound vibrations...

Heaven's Touch - Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) CD

Heaven's Touch - Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) CDWith his album Heaven's Touch, Gurunam brings you sound vibrations which promote grace and create blessings and internal peace.

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Adi Shakti - Gurudass CD

Adi Shakti - Gurudass CDThis CD features two classical Kundalini Yoga Mantras: Adi Shakti and Gobinde Mukande, each sung in a length of 31 minutes which is considered an ideal meditation time for transformation and for experience deeper layers of the self.

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