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FeetUp Headstand Stool, violet

FeetUp Headstand Stool, violet

Beech wood natural, clear lacquered, violet cussion, incl. Exercise Poster

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FeetUp® - the headstand yoga stool: headstand with ease. With the yoga-headstand-stool the headstand becomes a new experience.

Enjoy pure relaxation. As the old yogi masters of India knew, the source for health, beauty and happiness lies within our selves. Train your body, mind and spirit with the ancient tradition and science of yoga:
”The headstand brings you the highest possible benefits for body and spirit.”
(Yoga master Swami Sivananda).

The FeetUp® yoga headstand stool makes it easy for you to get the best out of short breaks: with this yoga stool you will experience deepest relaxation as well as a total change of perspective. The headstand stool offers an experience for body, mind and spirit that highly enjoyable not only for “head-workers”.

  • Easy rise into a secure headstand. Also suitable for beginners and untrained people.
  • Stable headstand position: the body rests on the shoulders so that the neck and spine can remain relieved.
  • Advanced blood circulation of the brain, facial skin and skull.
  • Easy usage, suitable for using several times daily.

The feetup® headstand yoga stool is the original: it is practical, secure, inventive, fancy and authentic. You will love it and you will want to use it more than once a day – that’s how much fun it is! Here is a small instruction of use – headstand with ease:

Position 1: Kneeling before the feetup® headstand stool, lay our head into the pad.
Position 2: Lift up the pelvis.
Position 3: Lift up the legs with a slight swing.
Position 4: Stretch up the legs.

The feetup® headstand yoga stool really offers many possibilities: enjoy numerous stretching and relaxation exercises for a variety of applications.

The feetup® headstand yoga stool is simply ingenious, and ingeniously simple. It is a patented german invention, made of the best materials and high quality manufactured:

Massive and selected beech wood, which has been bent out of one piece.
Firm and long lasting padding with easy-care, friendly and bright artificial leather cover.
Demountable and easy to transport, therefore also suitable to take along as a steady companion.

3 years manufacturer’s guarantee.
Measures (L x W x H), mounted: ca. 65 x 43 x 37 cm.
Measures (packed): ca. 70 x 44,5 x 7,5 cm.
Delivery comes disassembled.
Including poster with more than 100 yoga and fitness exercises with the FeetUp® Yoga Stool!

Color: beech wood natural, clear lacquered, violet cushion

NOTE: due to manufacturer's policy not for sale in the USA.

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