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Enso ASARI Yoga-Timer with Touch Pad, Oyster-Grey

Enso ASARI Yoga-Timer with Touch Pad, Oyster-Grey

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ENSO… is a Japanese word meaning circle. It is a symbol for enlightenment, elegance, and the universe that is drawn with a single brushstroke.

The Enso Asari Yoga Timer is a perfectly designed, compact and light timer for today’s yogis, practitioners and therapists. The Enso Asari Yoga Timer has a lot of brandnew features, all designed to give you highest comfort and practicability:

The enCircle Touch Pad: Set Time Effortlessly.
Touch the intuitive enCircle control pad to easily set your timer. You can effortlessly scroll through hours, minutes, or seconds with the flick of your finger.

Enso Ring Display: See Time Clearly.
The Enso Ring is slowly drawn on-screen as the timer counts down, freeing your mind from distracting numbers and times: With a blink of the eye, you can see how much time remains.

Crystal Clear Chimes: Soothe the Soul.
Crystal clear singing bowl chimes in 16-Bit quality, recorded from Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls gently indicate the completion of a timer or alarm. You can also set a normal “Beep” as alarm tone. All alarm sounds can be set in three different loudness levels – perfectly adjustable for your individual needs and practice.

Single Timer: Easy and Quick.
Quickly set a single countdown, repeat, or stopwatch timer and begin your practice.

Ultralight and Portable: Timing to Go.
With its smooth shell and hinged design inspired by the Japanese Asari clam, the Enso Asari is easily tucked in a pocket or purse for timing on the go. It weighs just 80 g and measures only 75 x 70 x 20 mm.

Non-Alarming Alarm: Awake Gently.
Whether you are meditating or taking a rest, set an alarm for a gentle time reminder. The soothing sounds, adjustable in three different loudness levels give you all options of how you want to set your alarm.

The yoga timer Enso ASARI is perfectly designed to comfort you in your practice:

Create a time-sequence for your meditation to take you deeper, while a subtle chime signals your transitions. The Enso Ring shows you the progress easily without the need for numbers.

Enhance your asana, pranayama, or meditation practice by setting a timer that reflects your flow. Go deeper into your breath and yoga posture with your mind free from timing worries.

With the Enso Asari, you can stop watching the clock during your Reiki practice. Set the new Repeat Timer to chime repeatedly after 90 seconds, 2 minutes, or any other duration you desire for your Reiki session.

Enrich your therapeutic sessions with chimes that provide a subtle reminder for the session time. Comfortably view the progress of your session with the Enso Ring, eliminating the distraction of numbers.

Travel Alarm clock:
With the Enso Asari timer, you can awake calm and refreshed to start your day whether at home or on the road. The soothing chimes of the Alarm Clock provide a peaceful wake up from your sleep.

Technical details:

  • Single Countdown Timer
  • Repeat Timer
  • Stopwatch (Count-Up) Timer
  • Hours: Minutes: Seconds
  • 16-bit Crystal Clear Sounds:
    Singing Bowl Chime
  • Sounds adjustable in 3 different loudness levels
  • enCircle Touch Pad
  • Dimensions: 75 x 70 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 80 gms.
  • 2 button cell batteries included
  • Instructions for use in english, german and french!

Color: Oyster-Grey (white and grey)

The Enso Asari Yoga Timer is also available in the color Sage Green:
Enso Asari Yoga Timer Sage Green Enso Asari Yoga Timer Sage Green

Yoga-Timer & Meditation clocks

Yoga-Timer & Meditation clocks

Yoga timer, meditation clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, kitchen timer: a digital timer is your practical companion for yoga, meditation and household.

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