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El Viaje Del Alma - Param Ratan Kaur CD

El Viaje Del Alma - Param Ratan Kaur CD

Kundalini Mantras & Gong

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Param Ratan Kaur's album El Viaje del Alma includes seven tracks, four with mantra chants and three with gong. Her music carries us into a very quiet meditative state from which we can enter into connection with our soul.

On this incredible Gong and Mantra album, you will discover a wide range of harmonics produced by the Gong, which you will appreciate even more with a High Fidelity stereo.
The seven tracks perfectly accompany relaxation and meditation. Enjoy the wonderful experience of the vibration of the universe and a journey to the deep center of yourself!

Param Ratan Kaur created this album during a challenging personal process and offers it to all people going through a personal quest, especially to patients who are in the final stage of their lives and to those who take care of them.

There is a very special connection between Kundalini Yoga and Gong, because sound is one of the core elements of this yoga practice. Kundalini Yoga is based a lot on the power of the sound current and mantra, the word and the vibration of the universe. Yogi Bhajan explained that the gong is the first sound, the primordial creative sound of the universe. It is this connection with the experience of the Infinite through the vibratory harmony that constitutes the Naad.

In a Yoga class the Gong sounds of El Viaje del Alma can be used during relaxation and meditation.


  • Gayatri (11:20)
  • Tierra (Gong) (12:24)
  • Ardas Bhaee (08:32)
  • Aguas de Akasha (Gong) (23:38)
  • Kal Akal (08:04)
  • Purificación (Gong) (10:59)
  • Namasté (03:27)

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