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Echo - Devinder Kaur CD

Echo - Devinder Kaur CD

Gong Sounds, played in Earth Ship

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Devinder Kaur's album Echo is a beautiful combination of guided relaxation and Gong meditations for peace of heart and mind. The inspiration and request for the album came to Devinder from the students she teaches, especially those that are unable to attend classes regularly due distance or health concerns. Devinder believes in the power of sound and explains that "the Gong has been used for thousands of years as an important tool for healing and meditation. Nothing compares to the Gong’s ability to create sound that brings us to a state of harmony." br>
Echo is a journey in sound discovery. The album begins with an invocation chant and then Devinder's soothing voice leads you into a seated posture or corpse pose relaxation with pranayam and a softly chanted Guru Ram Das mantra. The accompanying instrumentation of harmonium, Gong, flute and overtone vocals further guide you into a deep state of relaxation.

The album features 3 Gong meditations that are designed for peace of heart (heart chakra) and mind (ajna and crown chakra) to bring relaxation and self-healing. Devinder Kaur recorded the album in a solar powered Earth Ship - a special building made of straw-bales and other natural materials which takes its energy solely from solar- and windpower and often has the shape of a horse-shoe. It is excellent for its acoustic qualities to fully capture the essence of the Gong. All of the tracks on the album are digitally recorded and each CD is replicated, rather than duplicated, to ensure the highest quality recording of the Gong's pure vibration.

"As a relatively new Kundalini teacher, I am grateful to Devinder Kaur for her new CD Echo. Echo is a wonderful resource for teachers and I use it frequently for both shavasana and special meditations. Many of my students have never heard the Gong and love the deep relaxation and sense of peace they feel after hearing tracks from Echo. The opening Guided Relaxation is perfect for home practice for teachers and students alike. Many thanks to Devinder for sharing her inspiration and healing blessings. Many thanks, Kirinjot Kaur (Mary Biggs)"

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