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Dominus - Antje Nagula CD

Dominus - Antje Nagula CD

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Mantra meditation within our Christian roots experiences with this CD a wonderful revival! The large invocations as the Hail Mary, Our Father (in Aramaic!), Kyrie Eleison, Dona nobis pacem, Hallelujah, inter alia, be in the form of mantric reproduced from a uniquely beautiful voice, "which brings people to pray!". Eight Christian mantras, very touching and devotedly performed, the music is gently accompanied or supported by tanpura and harmonium.

Completely Royalty-free music for healing and treatment!

The singer Antje Nagula gives this album an impressive debut in the field of mantra meditation music. She was born in Bamberg in 1967, studied singing at the Music Academy in Frankfurt / M. and found after years of searching the mantra a new approach to her voice and her fascinating effect for the holistic healing.


  • Ave Maria (6:13)
  • Abwun "Vater Unser" (9:34)
  • Dominus, fiat voluntas tua (4:35)
  • Ego sum (9:07)
  • Kyrie Eleison (6:04)
  • Dona nobis pacem (11:20)
  • Amen (9:33)
  • Halleluja (8:20)

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