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Divine Alignment, German edition - Guru Prem Singh

Divine Alignment, German edition - Guru Prem Singh

Göttliche Ausrichtung

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German Version of Divine Alignment by Guru Prem Singh Khalsa.

Divine Alignment can be experienced when we maintain a correct alignment of the spine while we practice Yoga. We are often told to sit with a "straight spine", but the spine, when correctly aligned, only feels straight. What we feel as "straight-ness" is only the feeling that the energy can move in a straight path. The spine itself is a series of balancing curves whose relationship must be maintained so that the energy pathway remains connected from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Divine Alignment is about working in harmony with the design of the body. It seeks to prevent misalignment through training and strengthening inner muscles to correctly support the spine. This allows us to use the appropriate muscles to hold a posture and enables us to relax unnecessary tension. Divine Alignment encourages the maximum utilization of the major joints in the body, the shoulders and hips, so that the spine can remain as much in alignment when it is bending forward or bending backward as when it is held erect.

Spiral bound, format A4, 124 pages.

This book is also available as original US-edition, in english language:
Divine Alignment – english version

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