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 Devi Water Bottle cobalt blue, Sri Yantra

Devi Water Bottle cobalt blue, Sri Yantra

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Devi Water is a social enterprise dedicated to the awareness, protection and regeneration of our most important resource: WATER.

Water is our most precious possessionclean, high quality water is the foundation of our lives and a balanced health. It has now been scientifically proven that water absorbs sound waves, colours, shapes, words, even emotions and thoughts, changing its energy level – and affecting the person who drinks it.

Special Design & Glass

  • The cobalt blue 2-liter Devi Water bottle with handle absorbs the life force of the sun.
  • The design combines sacred geometries in the Golden Ratio, or Sectio aurea.
  • Structured sound frequencies were anchored in the glass over weeks.
  • It forms a symbiosis of numbers, mantras and sacred symbols.

The elements of this unique design give the Devi Water bottle the power to harmonize and revitalize the molecular structure of the water. This can have an essential effect on our physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies and increase our own level of vibration.

Devi Water for social projects

The Devi Water bottles have another special feature: a large part of the sales proceeds is invested in social projects, many of which aim to provide people and regions with clean water that do not naturally or easily have access to it.

Devi Water Bottle with "Sri Yantra" symbol

The Sri Yantra embodies the creative power as a union of the feminine and masculine aspects of the divine.

  • Capacity: approx. 2 liters
  • Beautiful, secure screw cap, covered with cork

Comments on the DEVI WATER bottles:

"As a flower therapist, I use Devi Water in flower remedies and watch the water enhance its soothing properties."
(Rosa, Catalonia)

"I drink regularly from the bottle with the symbol of the Flower of Life. When I later started drinking from the Sri Yantra bottle, something incredible happened: Not only did I notice a difference in the taste of the water from bottle to bottle, but I also noticed different effects on my body and my nervous system, thank you ... I keep experimenting with them. "
(Shoba, Dusseldorf,

"I regularly drink the really powerful water from the Devi Water bottle and feel the water's energy open my heart, every day I realize how important harmonized water is, and I'm filled with gratitude."
(Sachidanand, Italy)

"In Rossdorf, the water is very calcareous. When returning from a five-week stay in India, I looked at my Devi Water bottle at home and thought, "Oh, I forgot to empty the bottle…" and to my big surprise found no traces of limescale in the bottle – incredible!"
(Viranath, Ro
ssdorf, Germany)

"This bottle is a wonderful invention, I drink it very consciously from it – and besides: now I drink water!"
(Ralph, Spain)

"Even though I initially thought the bottle was a little expensive, I now know it's not like this: I drink lively structured water every day – and for a lesser amount than the daily expenses of eating with friends – with lots of love and the increasing awareness of this enchanting, essential element. Thank you for this beautiful project."

"The Devi water is awesome, I just cooked a tea with it, it tastes delicious, so it's much easier to do the interval fasting (= eating 8 hours and then 16 hours without food – at night you don’t need to eat anyway). If I imagine what kind of good water I drink and how it works in my body, then I'm almost full... the little film on You Tube for Devi Water is also very helpful."
(Rosmarie, Tübingen,

"I poured water from my own source into the Devi Water bottle and, to my delight, the cloudy water looked clean and clear the next day and tasted a lot better!"
(Carlos, Spain)

Observation/Conclusion of a therapist:
"The devi bottle transforms every water. I measured a vibration of more than 100%.
Detoxification and deacidification happens via urination. The water works anti-oxidative and alkaline and is highly energetic. In my patient urination begins after no more than 20 minutes."
(GM, Bensheim)

Download Info-Flyer Devi Water Bottles, English (PDF)

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Additional product information

Additional information:

Directions for use:
1. Rinse the Devi Water bottle with water before use.
2. Fill the bottle with water before the first use and let it stand for at least 24 hours.
3. Never empty the Devi Water bottle completely. The older water will restructure the new water faster.
4. Place the Devi Water bottle in the sun for 1 hour (preferably in the first hours of the day). The sun rays allow the disinfection and activation of the water. Do not forget to open the cap from time to time to allow chlorine and other chemicals to evaporate.
5. When it rains you can collect the rainwater with the Devi bottle. It absorbs information from the raindrops. Wait at least 5 minutes after the rain has started, so that the air is sufficiently clean.
6. Use the water from the Devi Water bottle for the kettle, coffee machine and other household appliances. It can do a lot to reduce limescale that normally remains when cooking.
7. Water loves movement! Shake the bottle regularly before you drink the water it to activate it.
8. Above all, always drink very consciously! Human consciousness has the greatest impact on changes in the molecular structure of water. If you can imagine and feel that you are drinking pure, natural spring water, and how it flows to each of your organs and every cell like a ray of light, you will find a whole new relationship with the water.
9. Sat Nam Yogi Tip: When you prepare our Ayurvedic teas with water from the Devi Water bottle, the enjoyment is even better!

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