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Dance the Chakras - Ana Brett & Ravi Singh DVD

Dance the Chakras - Ana Brett & Ravi Singh DVD

Kundalini Yoga DVD - More Energy for your Life!

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Move your energy, move your life! An Inspiring Yoga Set and Lead Dance Routines with Yoga Superstars Ana Brett & Ravi Singh!

Isn't it time for a breakthrough? This truly innovative and exciting workout is the best of the ancient and new in yoga. The chakra system is the rainbow of aspects which make up the total you. When your energy flows, your life flows, in new and unprecedented ways. This DVD features a 30 minute whole-body chakra workout, and then segues into lead donee routines which will shape you up ond lift you up from the ground up! Whether you are a prima ballerina or have two left feet, you will find this workout both fun and doable. Ana Brett's inspired dancing and Ravi Singh's inspired commentary will motivate you to "Shake Your Chakras and Rock Your Soul!"

Discover why Ana & Ravi's growing fan base would rather forego their morning cup of coffee than do without their Breath of Fire, and why celebrities including Madonna, Sting, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are on Ana & Ravi's client list!

"Ravi & Ana's DVD's are thorough workouts in the yoga tradition."
- Yoga Journal
"Kundalini Yoga with Ravi Singh & Ana Brett was, hands down, the best yoga class I've ever taken."
- Joanne Chen, Health & Beauty Editor, Vogue Magazine

  • Genre: Yoga & Fitness
  • Format: 4:3
  • Total running time: 60 Min.
  • Languages: Englisch, German, Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Info program/teaching program - without age restriction

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