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Calcio Care Rasayana, 30 g

Calcio Care Rasayana, 30 g

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Calcium is one of the most important minerals for the human body is. As the main ingredient of bones and teeth, calcium plays a major role in building them up. This mineral is also vitally important for the muscles, nerves, blood clotting, enzyme-balance and hormones.

Since the body cannot produce calcium by itself, it has to be ingested along with food. The main foods containing calcium are dairy products and green vegetables such as broccoli, rocket or fennel.

Maharishi Ayurveda Calcio Care Rasayana contains natural calcium from selected sea corals as well as herbs and fruits considered significant in Ayurveda for the absorption of calcium.

Instructions for use (for adults):
1-2 tablets twice a day morning and evening about 1/2 hour before meals with warm water. With 4 tablets a day, the daily dose contains 880 mg herbs, 660 mg herbal extract, 382 mg calcium (48% of the RDA), 15 mg magnesium (5% of the RDA).

44 % herbs (Indian gooseberry), 33 % herbal extact (heart-leaved moonseed, bitter gooseberry), coral powder (Corallium rubrum), starch of cornflour (glutenfree), lubricants (talc, magnesium stearate).

Contents: 30 g / 60 tablets.

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