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Brahmi organic, Classic Ayurveda

Brahmi organic, Classic Ayurveda

Bacopa monnieri
Food supplements with secondary herbs

 end of 10/2021
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Brahmi is a traditional classic in Ayurveda and is valued for its benefits for thousands of years. Brahmi by Classic Ayurveda originates from controlled organic farming, with the botanical name Bacopa monnieri.

Brahmi is siad to have Pitta and Kapha reducing properties.

In the United States, Brahmi is often consumed by students before exams. Bacopa monnieri is one of the first plants that have been extensively studied and cultivated since the 1960s in India.

Available sizes:

  • 60 g (approx. 150 tablets)
  • 180 g (approx. 450 tablets)

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Additional product information

Food supplements with secondary herbs


Brahmi* (Bacopa monnieri, with 11% Bacosides), corn starch*, talcum**.
* Certified organic.
** Talcum content 0.4%. Talcum is a salt consisting of silica and magnesia. It can be found almost everywhere in nature and serves as a parting agent. In the media, talcum is now and then discussed with a negative touch. The underlying studies, however, are concerned with "free talc" which is applied to the skin in the form of powder (for example, as an ingredient in cosmetics), which may also result in increased exposure of the respiratory tract. Talcum only contained asbestos in its former, original form, so when it would be ingested, it could increase the risk of asbestos-related cancer, and thus its negative reputation was established. Today, of course, talcum is asbestos-free. The low proportion of talcum in the Classic Ayurvedic products is also not present in powder form and is thus competible with a healthy living.

Preparation / Usage:

4 tablets daily.
Daily dose contains: 1584 mg of Brahmi powder (whole plant).

Storage & Use:

Keep dry, protected from sunlight, out of reach of young children


Non-EU agriculture


AMLA Natur Vertriebs GmbH
Butterberg 3
D-21279 Drestedt

Additional information:

The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded; Food supplements do not replace a balanced and varied diet.

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