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Bhangra Workout - Sat Pavan Kaur DVD

Bhangra Workout - Sat Pavan Kaur DVD

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Bhangara is an exuberant style of music and dance from the farmlands of Punjab in Northern India. It is traditionally centered around the celebration of the harvest but has become an exciting part of weddings and celebrations of all kinds. Bhangara is a lot of fun and a great exercise.

On this DVD, Sat Pavan Kaur will take you through a full body cardio vascular workout based on Bhangara dance moves. The program includes an instructional segment where she demonstrates and explains each of the moves in the workout.
A dance performance is also included to show how the moves can be combined together in an improvised or choreographed dance.

Bhangara is a creative and energetic dance, it makes getting your workout entertaining and fun. Sat Pavan Kaur learned Bhangara in India and has been doing it since the age of eight. She has performed and taught workshops all over the world.

English language
Info program/teaching program - no age restriction

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