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Ayus Taila Mouth

Ayus Taila Mouth

Ayurvedic mouth cleansing oil by Cosmoveda

 5-10 days
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Regular mouth cleansing with an Ayurvedic Taila - a special herbal oil - is an effective method to remove scum and toxins from the body, which at night can accumulate particularly in the mouth. Already thousands of years ago, the mouth care with a special ayurvedic mouth cleansing oil was mentioned in the Charaka Samhita, a classical Ayurvedic scripture (Sutrasthan 5, 78-80):

"The mouth cleansing with Ayus Taila prevents dryness of the throat and lips, protects the teeth from decay and strengthens the gums. It gives a melodious voice and strengthens the jaw, it shapes the face, improves the sense of taste and enjoyment of food."

The Ayurvedic mouth cleansing oil Ayus Taila Mouth of Cosmoveda is prepared on the basis of sesame oil and a variety of herb and spice extracts in a complex, multiple-day process. The Ayus Taila Mouth thereby takes on the subtle properties of the herbs and transmits them as to the deep layers of the oral mucosa, where they can unfold their full effect.

Take about 1 - 2 tablespoons of Cosmoveda Ayus Taila Mouth and rinse the mouth for 2 – 3 minutes. From left to right, Vigorously suck, chew, rinse, pull and gargle, as well as up and down, aalso pull the mouth cleansing oil through the teeth from all sides. Do not swallow, but spit out because the dissolved scum and toxins should not get back into the body. We recommend the ayurvedic mouthwash with the Cosmoveda Ayus Taila Mouth regularly every morning before brushing the teeth.

Available sizes:

  • 100 ml, glass bottle
  • 250 ml, glass bottle

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Sesamum indicum seed oil, Acacia Farnesiana plant extract, Cinnamomum camphora plant extract, Eugenia caryophyllus seed extract, Luvunga Scandens plant extract, Myrica Nagi plant extract, Cyperus rotundus plant extract, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum wood extract, Mesua Ferrea plant extract, Ficus bengalensis plant extract, Caesalpinia Sappan plant extract, Nelumbium Speciosum flower extract, Myristica fragrans plant extract, Woodfordia fruticosa plant extract.
The raw materials come from fair trade and organic projects of Cosmoveda in Sri Lanka.

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