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Auracle - Lesiem CD

Auracle - Lesiem CD

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AURACLE reveals a magical message for these times. It speaks to the hearts of humanity in an age where legends inspire and muses seek to enlighten minds while passing a torch of spiritual light to fellow travelers across the globe.

In a land of lore where the imagination stretches beyond this earthly domain into heavenly paradises, LESIEM awakens sleeping myths and slumbering fables while embracing the wonders of the world. LESIEM introduces a universal musical style that majestically transforms the listener. AURACLE combines beautiful melodies, heavenly Diva inspired vocals, Gregorian chants and mystical grooves.
Listen to AURACLE ... hear the language of the divine and let wisdom pass this way once again.


  • Humilita (Humanity)
  • Temperantia (Moderateness)
  • Caritas (Charity)
  • Fides (Belief)
  • Justitia (Justice)
  • Patientia (Patience)
  • Spes (Hope)
  • Prudentia (Prudence)
  • Times
  • Invidia (Envy)
  • Vanitas (Vanity)
  • Fortitudo (Fortitude)
  • Bonitas (Goodness)

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