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Audio Gong Yoga Timer+ sycamore, dark red

Audio Gong Yoga Timer+ sycamore, dark red

Inclusive extra Micro SD memory card slot

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The Audio Gong Yoga Timer is handmade of pure maple wood. It is finished with red paint that allows the beautiful wood grain to shine through. During the manufacturing process a sustainable development is maintained.

Functions of the Audio Gong Yoga Pyramid Timer:

  • The Audio Gong Yoga Timer allows you to meditate to the sound of the gong or the bell without having to worry about the time. 3 strokes each show the beginning and end of the set time.
  • You can select from 4 different sounds: Dorje, Bell, middle Gong, low Gong.
  • Through the extra Micro SD card slot, the Audio Gong Yoga Timer allows you to playback your own sounds such as music, guided meditations, etc. as MP3. In this way, the beautiful Pyramid timer and its speaker becomes an individual companion for your yoga and meditation practice. And all that free of smartphone, WiFi and other distracting influences.
  • In addition, you can set a periodically sounding gong which brings back the awareness into the here and now. Likewise, this gong signal may serve to alternate different exercises or meditation stages.
  • Discreetly placed at the bottom of the Audio Gong Yoga Timer there are an LCD display and soft keys for easy and precise setting of the time in minute-steps.
  • This Pyramid timer is built to the perfect proportions of the Cheops pyramid, which Feng Shui specialists consider as a source of powerful energy, stability and balance.

Dimensions: 13.5 x 13 cm at the base, approx. 11 cm height.
The Audio Gong Yoga Timer is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included).

Yoga-Timer & Meditation clocks

Yoga-Timer & Meditation clocks

Yoga timer, meditation clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, kitchen timer: a digital timer is your practical companion for yoga, meditation and household.

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