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 Asafoetida & Fenugreek, ground, 70 g

Asafoetida & Fenugreek, ground, 70 g

by Classic Ayurveda - tin box
Traditional ayurvedic organic spice mixture

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Net Weight: 70 g  70 g
Weight: 0,11 kg  0,11 kg
EAN: 4032582002055
Item No: 18081
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This South-East Asian spice should be in every kitchen. It is mainly used together with ginger, cardamom and rock salt. It is available as a powder or a paste.

Because of its strong garlic-like smell, it is best to keep asafoetida in an airtight, closed container. Unlike garlic it does not have a tamasic (dulling) influence on the mind and senses. According to Ayurveda Asafoetida strengthens Agni (digestive fire) and calms Vata (air/ether element).
According to Ayurveda fenugreek strengthens Agni (digestive fire) without stimulating Pitta (fire/water element). Fenugreek seeds have a slightly bitter taste and should not be used during pregnancy.

Tin shaker with large and small holes.

70 % Fenugreek, 30 % Asafoetida. Ground. Net Weight: 70 g.

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Additional product information

Traditional ayurvedic organic spice mixture


Asafoetida, Fenugreek

Storage & Use:

Keep in a dry place and protected from sunlight


Non-EU agriculture


AMLA Natur Vertriebs GmbH Butterberg 3 21279 Drestedt

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