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Angel Love - Aeoliah CD

Angel Love - Aeoliah CD

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After nearly 25 years, this CD is still one of the best CDs for relaxation and healing we have ever heard. This calm, gentle and flowing music will bring you fulfillment from within, inner peace and contentment. There is no better way to do that than with music – and Aeoliah's Angel Love is one of the best you can chose.

Two long ambiences that carry pure warmth and loveliness float you on billows of slow, sweet chords. Synthesized organ and violin ascend and spread, heightened in places by a tender piano line, faraway voices and chimes. Pastel cloudlike, with shifting images - Angel Love is like a slow-motion sunrise seen from high places.

Multi-instrumentalist Aeoliah believes that sound and light are spiritually energized. This allows him to create his fine and rich compositions that bring so much joy, comfort, and inspiration to millions of his fans around the world.


  • Devotion (23:33)
  • Celestical Sanctity (21:38)

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