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Aeons - Charanpal CD

Aeons - Charanpal CD

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Charanpal ‘s debut album Aeons is a moving, motivating journey of sacred chants featuring an eclectic mix of sounds from the violin, harp, harmonium, tabla, and a kirtan choir.

Charanpal's roots in rhythm-based music is celebrated beautifully with her album Aeons. A lovely surprise to the end of the album, the song The Lighthouse, features Gurunam Singh on backing vocals, as well as an audio recording of Yogi Bhajan from his lectures „You Are The Lighthouse“.

Staying true to her musical upbringing, there is a magical synergy between western rhythms, drums and melody, and the spiritual, heart-felt altitude which comes from chanting sacred mantras. Recording Aeons in her hometown, Santa Cruz, California, world-renowned musicians she had once toured and recorded with prior to her introduction to Kirtan, were on board to bring their authentic, unique sound to this album.

Together, the band creates a bed of rich, textured grooves supporting Charanpal's deep, tender vocals. Aeons is like a triumph. Singing along with Charanpal awakens the yogi, healer, singer, and spirit in us all.


  • With You Now (I Am Thine) (08:14)
  • Ad Guray Nameh (06:52)
  • Har Mukande (05:40)
  • Slok of Japji (03:40)
  • Pavan (09:10)
  • Stay Close, My Heart (Antarjami) (05:06)
  • The Lighthouse (05:50)

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