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A Complete Course for Beginners Vol. 4 - Nirvair Singh DVD

A Complete Course for Beginners Vol. 4 - Nirvair Singh DVD

Kundalini Yoga Program 7 & 8

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Originally broadcasted as an accredited tele-course at the University of Alaska in Anchorage, the DVD-series A Complete Course for Beginners, consisting of 6 DVDs with a total of 12 Kundalini Yoga classes for beginners, is designed to give a student a survey of highly practical yoga techniques.

Experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer Nirvair Singh Khalsa guides and uplifts the student through physical exercises, yogic breathing techniques, deep relaxation and meditations which are covered and explained in a simple direct and humorous way. Gently challenging, these delightful programs are made for people of all ages and conditions and are suitable especially for beginners.

Each DVD features two Kundalini Yoga classes and is 120 minutes long.

A Complete Course for Beginners, Volume 4:

  • Program 7: Digestion & Elimination Series
    Warm-up stretching series. Exercises for digestion and elimination. New breathing exercise: A cooling, soothing “chill out” breath. Deep relaxation.
  • Program 8: Anti Depression & Aura Expansion Series
    Warm-up stretching series. Vigorous anti-depression exercise set with less strenuous modifications demonstrated. Aura expansion and long, deep breathing for clearing and balance.

Length: 120 minutes
Language: English.
Info program/teaching program - no age restriction

A Complete Course for Beginners

A Complete Course for Beginners

The DVD Series "A Complete Course for Beginners" consists of 6 DVDs with a total of 12 Kundalini Yoga beginner's classes with experienced yoga teacher Nirvair Singh.

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