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Anuloma Viloma Yoga Timer

Anuloma Viloma Yoga Timer

Yoga timer for alternate yoga-breathing and Pranayama

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The Anuloma Viloma Yoga Timer is a practical yoga timer for alternate yoga-breathing, such as Pranayama. The handy yoga timer is a perfect companion as well for yoga teachers and exercise instructors as for your own yoga practice. This special yoga timer shows you all information necessary for guiding and practicing the breathing exercises. Besides showing you the breathing direction (inhale left, hold, exhale right, hold, etc.), the Anuloma Viloma Yoga Timer also displays the remaining time for the current part of the exercise, a pre-view to the following part of the exercise and the already accomplished number of rounds.

The Anuloma Viloma Yoga Timer offers a total of 16 selectable programs for different types of alternate breathings and Pranayama, ranging from sequences of 4:4:8 to sequences of 16:64:32. This yoga timer is therefore suitable for all practicing levels, for beginners and yoga-professionals alike. The selected program can be changed during the exercise. Additionally, the signal can be activated and is selectable in three different levels of loudness.

The Anuloma Viloma Timer is a perfect aid for yoga teachers and exercise instructors in teaching the alternate yoga breathing and gives support in the guidance. Typical errors, such as confusing the left and right, or uncomfortable imbalances in the breathing rhythms of the practicing student are avoided due to the precise guidance of this yoga timer. All Yoginis and Yogis who practice the alternate yoga breathing and Pranayama themselves, can finally relax with the Anuloma Viloma Timer and avoid the counting of seconds or observing a watch.

The Anuloma Viloma Yoga Timer has a solid and water-resistant body. It comes with a detailed operation manual (at the moment only available in german language – we will provide an English manual soon).

Technical specifications:

  • 16 selectable programs, sequences ranging from 4:4:8 to 16:64:32
  • Easy change of program during the exercise
  • Displays the current breathing direction
  • Count-down-timer for each single part of the program
  • Additionally shiftable signal in different loudnesses
  • Counter of rounds
  • With practica ribbon
  • Fits in any pocket of your trousers
  • Water-resistant and very solid
  • Measures: ca. 70 x 60 x 23 mm (without ribbon)

We are sorry that for this item the yoga teacher discount is not applicable.

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