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Sat Nam Rasayan English - Guru Dev Singh

Sat Nam Rasayan English - Guru Dev Singh

The Healing Art, with Ambrosio Espinosa

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In Sanskrit, Sat Nam Rasayan means "healing through the name", or "profound relaxation within the divine name". It is, then, a form of spiritual healing, but one that does not employ magic or miracles. Sat Nam Rasayan teaches healing through meditation. The healer does not bypass any steps, nor does he interpose in the ebb and flow of events. He meditates, and while meditating, he employs a specific element of the meditating mind, awareness, to melt away the resistance of the person seeking cure.
This updated english translation illustrates the first level of the technique and explains some rudimentary aspects of the second level. In his new introduction, Guru Dev Singh comments on the various developments this ancient healing art has seen in our era of crisis.

Paperback, 192 pages.
Language: English.

Dieses Buch ist auch als deutsche Übersetzung erhältlich: Sat Nam Rasayan – Deutsche Ausgabe

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